Some companies emphasize being environmentally-friendly because it is a core part of their brand image. Others just make green choices because it’s the right thing to do.

At Impak, we pride ourselves on leading the way when it comes to eco-friendly innovation. We offer a wide range of earth-smart bag choices that are safe for the environment and for your customers. Each of them is custom-made to show off your brand and meet your exact specifications.



Reusable shopping bags, or “bags for life,” are durable carriers that can handle months or years worth of trips to the store, replacing hundreds of would-be disposable bags. They are a requirement in many cities and a fashion statement in others, appealing to today’s environmentally-conscious consumers.

Another alternative to using SFI-certified papers is using 40% post-consumer recycled content papers.  Offered in natural or white kraft, post-consumer recycled content paper can handle an array of printing methods.  Using 40% PC recycled paper demonstrates your commitment to reducing landfill, energy and resource waste.

At Impak, we can create custom reusable bags of any type, printed with any design, logo, or messaging you want.


Our canvas totes and satchels are both reusable and renewable, as they are made from natural cotton or jute fibers.


Strong and lightweight, non-woven polypropylene can be made into a variety of bags, totes, and backpacks. Though a type of plastic, non-woven polypropylene can be made into a soft fabric that is durable, reusable, and recyclable.


Recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or rPET, reduces landfill waste in two ways. Our reusable totes made from rPET cut down on waste from single-use bags, while the rPET itself is made from recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise reside in landfills for generations.


Made with recyclable paper and reinforced by a grid of cotton threads, reinforced paper is a perfect material option for eco conscious consumers seeking an environmentally friendly option but with a fresh and modern design appeal.

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Instead of adding to landfills, our compostable bags can just be added to the compost pile.

These bags are fully degradable made with BPI Certified Compostable materials. Compostable bags can literally carry produce home from the grocer, and then be composted in the garden.



Single-use shopping bags should not be designed to last forever.

That’s why we produce biodegradable poly bags. They last as long as you and your customers need them to, but then eventually break down after being thrown away.

Ask about our Rock Bags too - another great landfill degradable option.

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Paper can be a truly green product when it is managed correctly. It is a recyclable, renewable resource which happens to make some of the most beautiful luxurious shopping bags on the planet.

Through the non-profit Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Impak works with suppliers to produce sustainable paper bags. Using SFI standards, all trees harvested to produce the paper are fully replenished by planting new seedlings in their place. Furthermore, the entire process is done in a way that protects water quality, biodiversity, at-risk species, and natural wildlife habitats.

With shopping bags made with SFI-certified papers, there is no compromise: you get the highest-quality paper bags while having the smallest impact on the environment. Your customers and stakeholders will be sure to appreciate such attention to detail.

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