The Impak Design Team appreciated this client candor and couldn't help but be intrigued and excited by the opportunity to work with Mr + Muse.

We discovered this simplistic approach translated to many aspects of company culture - how they approached garment design and how they worked with design partners, such as ourselves.
And make no mistake, simple is hard. We were up for the challenge.
Every pair of Mr + Muse boxer briefs includes a personalized note from the muse to their man. Tell your man something serious, silly, or scandalous. Whatever you say, you’ll both be more comfortable when he’s dressed in his new stylish skivvies.

"Our approach to design is simple, we ask women what they find attractive and want guys to wear, and then we make it."  

- Garrett Ryan, Founder & CEO


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Project Details

Mr + Muse approached us with the intention of developing a packaging system that could fulfill different configurations.

Our client's main goals were:
•  Design a program that works for e-commerce fulfillment
•  Ensure new items developed work with existing boxes
•  Provide a solution to retail merchandising  

As you might guess, being tasked with designing for e-commerce and retail provided a bit of tug-of-war in the development brain, however we were really pleased with the way that tension played out.
After some evaluation, we decided to do a re-design of the client's initial proposal, making a clean, simplified and cohesive statement. Again - company culture and empowerment to find that simple solution was incredibly motivating for us.

In addition to new design elements, we provided some spruced up copy and description recommendations, focusing on key aspects of the product that made it unique.  


One of the biggest challenges we had was the need to incorporate many different identification labels. 
• Labels to differentiate the brief sizes (Small, Medium, Large & X-Large)
• Labels to differentiate the brief style (Fly or Sport)
• Barcode labels for the back of each bag

Lots of labels, labels labels!

Our solution boiled down to the delete. By screen printing both brief styles on the pouch, then covering the style that was not reflective of the garment with the size label. This not only saved the client money on materials, but also time when filling the pouches. Our goal was to let the product take center stage, removing distraction and ensuring the packaging complemented the garment design. We were thrilled with the results and feel this project was a great example of what is possible when trust and partnership is extended - we would fully welcome the opportunity to work with the Mr + Muse team in the future!



Manufacture & Project Management: Impak Retail Packaging

Head of Client Management: Alison Anderson

Creative Director: Carolina Gleason

Photographer: Caleb Lummer