When CEO and Founder of Mi Golondrina Cristina Lynch was living in New York City, she noticed the lack of Mexican inspired textile and clothing brands. Having grown up in Texas and frequently traveling to Mexico, Lynch loved Mexican artisans' beautiful designs and culture. Recognizing this hole the retail and fashion market, she launched Mi Golandrina in 2013.

Mi Golondrina embraces a 200-year-old style of colorful hand-embroidery. Before launching the company, she spent a lot of time researching and meeting with artisans in Mexico to learn the cultural significance behind the traditional pieces. “I wanted to understand the right way to produce each piece so it can be worn for a lifetime.

“Having grown up surrounded by Mexican-made pieces, I started thinking about how to elevate Mexico’s platform in the fashion world.” 

- Cristina Lynch, CEO and Founder of Mi Golondrina


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The golondrina, or “songbird" in Spanish, is the icon of Lynch’s brand and features prominently on her packaging. Thick white kraft paper serves as the background for the periwinkle blue songbird logo on all of her printed pieces, including bags, hang tags and receipt envelopes. Finished with dyed to match blue satin ribbon, the packaging is simple and elegant and does not detract from or compete with the artful Mexican embroidery patterns. For the products that are purchased online, Mi Golandrina includes a cloth drawstring bag the customer can re-use, and every order receives a handwritten note.

Lynch says it best. “We want women to feel beautiful and romantic in the Mi Golondrina they wear. And we want every customer to have an amazing experience in our Dallas showroom. We pride ourselves on our customer experience.  We want everyone who shops with Mi Golondrina to want to tell her friends about how she had the most wonderful experience.  We have a beautiful and unique product line - bringing century old Mexican artisan traditions to the modern woman's wardrobe.”


“We wanted to create a packaging experience that wasn't wasteful but luxe and special.” 

- Cristina Lynch, CEO and Founder of Mi Golondrina