No time to hunt for extra special, unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry for your someone special? No worries! The folks at Markette Six have made treasure hunting easy with their online luxury shopping platform.

Husband and wife co-founders, Justin and Heather Knapp, spent years traveling to every state and more than 25 countries, including Singapore, Bermuda, Spain, Hong Kong, Ireland and the Bahamas. During their trek across the globe, the couple found troves of unique jewelry specific to the culture and traditions of the place they were visiting. Seeing the vast innovation opportunities in selling exclusive jewelry, Markette Six was born.

"We value design integrity, originality and creativity, There’s no room for fakes or counterfeits because everyone deserves real and authentic luxury."

- Justin Knapp, Founder


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“We created our company to share these discoveries with the world,” Justin said when asked of the history of Markette Six. “We saw innovation opportunities within the fine jewelry, watch and gemstone industry.”

For years Heather and Justin worked in the marketing department at Apple providing them with loads of business background in product development, marketing, tech, and design. Through their combined experience, this dynamic duo presented a new game changer with their global marketing platform.


“We value design integrity, originality and creativity,” Justin Knapp stated. “There’s no room for fakes or counterfeits because everyone deserves real and authentic luxury.” Since Markette Six is an online retailer, Justin said first impressions matter for their customers. “It is very important that our entire discovery and shopping experience is perfect. Since we are an online retailer, one of the more tactile and memorable moments is the receipt and opening of the purchase.”

To that end, they put a great deal of attention into their packaging. “The unboxing experience and quality of our packaging was our focus,” Justin said. “The packaging needed to be elevated to match the quality and uniqueness of the fine jewelry and watches. It needed to be beautiful and functional, finding materials and forms that allow the end user to use the packaging to safely store their jewelry long-term, but also be beautiful enough to use for gifting.”


Heather and Justin had such a distinct creative vision for their program. It is always a joy when you see the vision come to life in mass production, especially after all of the R&D.

- Amy Scheel, IMPAK Account Manager


“Without sacrificing budgetary requirements, the Impak team were able to provide innovative design ideas, creative options and solutions,” Justin said. “The overall creative, photo-typing, and production process was timely and managed well. We couldn’t have executed our vision without the help of Amy, project manager Heather Wass and the Impak team.”

Markette Six believes that “purchasers and sellers should feel confident and at ease while buying and selling unique luxury items through a safe and secure global marketplace that ensures quality, authenticity, and mutual trust.”



Manufacture & Project Management: Impak Retail Packaging
Head of Client Management: Amy Scheel

More Information on Markette Six

If interested in becoming a partner with Markette Six, you can find more info here: https://markettesix.com/selling-business  or email them directly at  support@markettesix.com