Understanding manufacturing - through hands-on experience - is key to IMPAK's success as a packaging partner. With overseas factories and our own in-house manufacturing capabilities, we have built a solid platform as a single-source packaging supplier for our clients - both large and small.


What we make: 


  • Cut-and-sew products including reusable totes, cosmetic cases and garment bags in a wide array of materials
  • Shopping bags ranging from simple paper construction styles to custom Euro totes
  • Custom boxes in folding and rigid construction styles for gifts, jewelry, apparel, technology, food & beverage and more
  • Poly mailers
  • Poly bags
  • Ecommerce gift and shipping solutions
  • Gift card carriers and tins
  • Tissue, ribbon, labels, tags, brand booklets and other specialty accessories

Impak leads the industry in green and sustainable materials such as landfill degradable & compostable plastics and recycled materials used for making bags and boxes.



More than just a creative company, we are partners in logistics and inventory management. As with our bags, boxes, and packaging accessories, our logistics services can be fully customized to fit your scalable needs.


Our packaging logistics services include:

  • Warehousing: With our headquarters centrally located in Dallas, Texas, and satellite locations on the east and west coasts, our products are always within range of their final destinations. International warehousing is also available.
  • Real time inventory management: With our analysis of order history and product usage, we can ensure you never have too little or too much inventory available.
  • Comprehensive freight and logistics consultation: We work with you to significantly cut shipping and inventory costs.
  • Forecasting: We help customers save money by projecting future product and shipping needs and costs.
  • Online ordering: Saves time by providing streamlined operations for store fulfillment, delivery and billing.

We provide helpful and timely customer service with our professional, knowledgeable and dedicated team.

Contact us to learn more about our logistics services.