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Yes We Cannabis: Impak's Innovative Approach to Exit Bags

The motto for Impak's cannabis division says it all: Yes We Cannabis! With now more than seven states legalized for recreational/medicinal use and more than 30,000 cannabis businesses around the country, the cannabis industry is weeding out how to tackle state regulations around "exit bags."

What are "exit bags?"
An exit bag is the name the cannabis industry uses for dispensary bags. All items purchased from a store must leave in a childproof "lockable exit bag." The objective of the exit bag is for child safety, product freshness and for keeping the smell inside the bag.


According to the 2018 Cannabis Packaging Guide, exit bags have a simple format to both contain and keep moisture of products. Secondary Packaging has requirements for retailers including: child-resistant bags, opaque appearance and tamper-proof bags.


The creative challenge for Impak: How to make the exit bag functional and still fun?
Carolina Gleason, Impak Creative Director, said the project was fun to work on as our team had to combine functionally with creativity as well as "solve an issue while still thinking about the aesthetics."

The exit bag locking mechanism Impak designed provides the perfect solution as they offer a child-safety, smell proof bag. The green cross on top serves the lock for the exit bag. In order to utilize the lock, you must squeeze together the two pins on the back of the green cross in the vertical direction be pushed down before it slides across "requiring adult strength to push open."

"As marijuana continues to be approved and legalized across the country, we expect to see more and more regulations on how the packaging must function when being provided to the end consumer," said Gleason.

What other packaging products has Impak introduced to the burgeoning cannabis market?
Impak sales team member, Julie Bender, recently attended the Cannabis Tradeshow in New Orleans where Impak presented the new lock bag as well as the popular, eco-friendly RagBags. RagBags are high quality, recyclable bags that can be re-used as cleaning rags, towels, or multiple other purposes.


"Ragbags are awesome," Bender said. "They are multi-use, environmentally friendly, compostable and really strong." Made from plant-based material, Ragbags have a soft t-shirt-like hand feel and are super absorbent. For more ideas on the many uses for Ragbags, check out the video at


From a strategic standpoint, Impak is positioned perfectly for cannabis growers and users. With the industry on track to hit $25 billion in sales by 2025, according to the latest estimate by industry analytics firm New Frontier Data, Impak plans to continue the design and development of unique, state regulated bags as well as custom boxes, tins and totes.

For those working on a project related to the cannabis industry, or any industry, Impak provides you with a complimentary quote here. "Impak has positioned themselves to be out front on the development of packaging that not only looks amazing, but fulfills the legal requirements," Bender said. Impak's child-resistant packaging comes in a variety of bag configurations and sizes, each specifically designed to protect the entire lifecycle of your product! If you want to learn more about Impak dispensary packaging, read here.

Caleb Lummer