We Put the RE in Recycle

We make custom packaging out of a variety of materials such as cotton, poly, nylon, reinforced paper, nonwoven (NWPP) and RPET.  

One of the things we can make is RPET reusable bags. If you’re wondering what RPET is, it’s recycled PET. PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic is one of the most common plastics in the world. If PET is not recycled, it would just sit around lonely in a landfill, with no one to talk to. So we give PET a voice to become a bag, and when it’s done being a bag, it can be turned into something else. So why fill up a landfill when you can fill up your bag? 

So give your customers some love while giving the earth some love, too. From plastic water bottles to custom bags, put your money where you mouth has been. 

If you’re wondering what other companies are making with RPET, we’ve found some diverse products. 

Rothys not only makes shoes out of RPET, but they believe in “demand-driven generation” of products rather than making a lot of product up front that may or may not sell. 




Royal Apparel is a domestic manufacturer of wholesale RPET clothing. They describe their products as “an environmentally friendly fabric blend.”



Nike knows how to turn 7 plastic bottles into a shirt, and 6 plastic bottles into shorts. 


Unifi is making diplomas out of recycled bottles and this article and video by CNN Money explains the process. 

And Oak Hall Cap & Gown makes caps and gowns out of recycled plastic to go along with those diplomas. 

Ford uses recycled plastic to make the upholstery in their vehicles, like the Ford F-150. 

According to a Yale University/EPA study, Americans recycle less than 22% of discarded materials. And World Watch Institute says that although the US is only 5% of the world’s population, we produce more waste than any other country. So let’s work together to fix that. Whatever kind of recycled product (or non-recycled product) you produce, we can help you with recycled packaging or bags to outfit that product, and help out the environment. 

Bev Gray