The Pack is Back

The biggest comeback for 2017 is the fanny pack. Originally fanny packs were worn by joggers, hikers and bikers. Fanny packs became popular in the early 1980’s when people needed their hands free to crimp their hair or do The Macarena. Often fanny packs were worn on the back of a person, above their fanny in case they ever needed to throw themselves on the floor to do The Worm. By 1990 everyone looked and the fanny pack still in their closet and thought, “Can’t Touch This.” And by 1996 everyone had two turntables and microphone and did not need fanny packs. When the 21st century started, fanny packs were only worn by parents who wanted to totally humiliate their children. But this year Kendall Jenner made headlines when she was spotted wearing a fanny pack. But that wasn’t enough to get fanny pack aficionado’s out of hiding. Others needed to come forward to give Americans the confidence to go back in time. Now Fergie, Sophia Richie, Kate Bosworth, Jared Leto, Rihanna, Rachael Zoe, Kourtney Kardashian, Will.I.Am and Kate Hudson have all been spotted sporting a fanny pack.


Fashion icons Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City proudly wear the fanny pack to make it an official fashion trend.


Even fashionably conservative Katie Holmes was willing to apprehensively wear one.


Matthew McConaughey was in charge of introducing fanny packs to younger generations.



And just to make sure there was no disputing the power of the fanny pack this summer, it was rocked by the Queen Bee, Beyonce.


Now that we’ve established it’s safe to wear a fanny pack, we went ahead and found a selection of fanny packs, so no matter if you a first time fanny packer or a repeat customer, you can see the latest summer fashion in a variety of prices. Nordstrom is offering this Stella McCarthy hip handbag for $1,210.


For $690 there is the soft Gucci Supreme Belt Bag.


And for $330 there is the Louis Vuitton Bum Brooklyn Bag.

If you need a sportier model there is Addidas by Stella McCartney for $98:


Dillards offers a classic white Michael Kors belt bag for $55.


If you need a little more room in your belt bag, Six02 has this classic and simple one from Hershel Supply Company for $30.


REI has a lightweight travel mini hip pack by Patagonia for $29.


Aerie has a simple and shiny rose fanny pack for just $24.95


And just in time for 4th of July, Forever 21 has this patriotic American Flag fanny pack for $12.90.


So, travel light this summer and enjoy your hands free bag options with your new fanny pack, waist purse, hip handbag or whatever you want to call it. The resurgence of the fanny pack gives Americans hope, it shows that anything is possible. Socks and sandals, don’t worry, your day may come. And the person probably most excited by the fanny pack comeback is The Rock. Dwayne Johnson, you finally get the last laugh.

Bev Gray