Peter Millar: Timeless Quality

Peter-Millar-Group-(needs-to-be-hero)Every packaging producer has to come to terms with the fact that most of their products get thrown away almost immediately. But expertly designed packaging (our favorite kind) feels almost like a keepsake, and it's often reused for storage, re-gifting or travel. This is the packaging we sought to create for Peter Millar.

The Right Impression

Founded in 2001, Peter Millar takes their inspiration from old-world styles; their clothes are classic, timeless, and made from high-quality fabrics so they last a lifetime.

When Peter Millar reached out to us, they were using standard eurotote shopping bags in their stores. Though a great option, when we learned that the Peter Millar brand name is used to represent "an era when people cared deeply at all times about what kind of impression they were creating,” we wanted to do more to elevate their packaging.

Working together, we created a new line of packaging that’s as functional as it is fashionable — while keeping things simple for company management and store employees alike.

Peter-Millar-BagReady to Wear

The new look starts with custom euro-style shopping bags, totally unique to match the Peter Millar brand. The paper bags are made from a custom heavy beater dyed paper with masculine, thick, cotton-poly handles to reinforce that these bags are not to be tossed away. Combined with the silver foil-stamped Peter Millar logo, this bag projects the simple and truly tailored look that embodies the Peter Millar brand.

PeterMillar-CloseUp The silver foil motif carries over to a line of one-piece gift boxes. These gift boxes are easily collapsible for storage, but when assembled they feel anything but. Made from a custom, sturdy, 1200 gsm board, they feel nearly as strong as a wooden case. The lids are held tightly closed with hidden magnets, and open with a unique cotton pull tab. We designed these boxes to be reused again and again: as gift boxes, or as sturdy and attractive organizers for everything from clothing accessories to keepsakes.

PeterMillarSmallBox-Flattened-Folded-GreyTo complete the package, Impak manufactured custom-branded tissue paper and pre-tied bows, tailored to fit each box size. This way, store employees don't need to learn how to dress a package or tie beautiful bows ­– they can focus on selling to customers and still produce a perfectly-packaged gift every time.

Always in Season

Like all retailers, each Peter Millar store has limited square footage, and any space they need to use to store packaging takes away from the sales floor. Further complicating things, Peter Millar regularly partners with PGA tournaments, and supplies short-term packaging inventory to golf courses at different times.

To help out, we house, manage, and fulfill Peter Millar's packaging inventory here at Impak. Through our online portal, we take orders and release packaging on demand around the country to help limit their inventory exposure all while providing a just-in-time inventory service. These logistics capabilities really do make Impak a unique one-stop solution for all our clients’ packaging needs.

To learn how we can tailor a custom packaging solution to fit your company’s needs, contact us today for a free quote.