Galentine's Day

Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day where you just show loved ones that you love them, but also a good day to remember to show some love to your community. Impak employees did just that. 


Impak employee Audrey Sherill organized a Valentine’s Day event to spread awareness and raise donations to benefit women of South Dallas’ Bonton Community, while also team building within Impak. Sherill was inspired by the non-profit, Redeemed Women, whose motto is "Where friends are made and lives are changed.” 


Sherill explains, “We have a bunch of women in the office; we kind of out-number the guys in a big way. So, I thought who better to ask for support with a women's organization than the team of awesome women at Impak!”

Nancy Liner, Impak's head greeter and front desk extraordinaire, participated and said her favorite part was “being able to help our community and feeling good about it.”


Redeemed Women works with women to equip them with “the tools and resources to rise above their surroundings, value their lives, know their worth, see their beauty, and empower them to be vibrant women serving others and giving back to their neighbors and community.”

The non-profit was founded by Aelicia “Chocolate” Watson. While Watson was serving as an urban missionary, she witnessed firsthand the unaddressed needs facing women. After speaking with women, seeing their pain and suffering, and coming to understand the obstacles they face, she decided to help them reach their potential by founding Redeemed Women.

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Watson explains, “Redeemed Women is gaining ground daily in the struggle to meet the needs of women impacted by generational poverty, abuse, hopelessness and the many obstacles the poor face in their daily lives. We are committed to our mission statement to ‘transform women to lead independent lives by building relationships and addressing their spiritual, physical, and vocational needs.’  We depend on the support of individual and group donations to provide resources to help our women and I am proud to say that needs are being met and lives changed as a result.  This is just the beginning.  There are so many needs and as we listen and learn, we will strive to find ways to further provide the right help and expand our programming and resources to meet those needs.”   

Chocolate Watson’s enthusiasm for community building is a reminder that life isn’t about what you are given, it’s about what you give back. 

Caleb Lummer