Employee Spotlight on Carolina Restrepo, Impak Creative Director

At Impak, our Creative Director Carolina Restrepo is in charge of overseeing all client art files, creation of custom dielines, templates and new creative design concepts. We recently sat down with her for a Q and A, an opportunity to learn a few fun facts about the woman behind the design. 

What are your after hours or weekend activities/hobbies?

I really enjoy adult coloring books, I find them relaxing but they also make me anxious because I feel like they take FOREVER!

I also LOVE red wine, and catching up with my friends over a glass of wine (or a dirty martini if I'm feeling feisty!) 

While I wouldn't call it a hobby (yet) I recently bought several lettering and calligraphy books. My friends think I'm really good, but I think I still have a lot to learn. 

Favorite scents?
My favorite smells are the ones found in nature, especially out in the woods. However, I hate the smell of rain because it makes me think of worms and I find them so gross! 

Any humiliating work story you want to share with the packaging world?

Oh, yes, the first time I talked to Eric Grossman. I was on a conference call and we were discussing a very technical issue we were having with a project. After a long conversation, I finally asked Eric what his role was in our company. Little did I know I was talking to the CEO and owner. I had NO IDEA! I felt like such a fool! (Laughs.) But that does say something about his down to earth vibe. 

Other than the freedom to embarrass yourself, is there anything else you enjoy about working at Impak?

My favorite part about working for Impak is the feeling of being appreciated. Last year during our holiday party, I realized how much the owners Eric and Edward really care about all of their employees. 

Any pet peeves?

One of the things I cannot stand to hear or see is animal cruelty. Makes me incredible angry and sad at the same time. 

Any pets?

I have two pitbulls that I adore. Mika and Zeus. They mean the world to me and I love spoiling them.

Things that make you smile?

I LOVE flowers and they make me incredibly happy to have them around. I wish I could have fresh flowers in my office every day!

So If I need to rush a project through Creative, all I need to do is show up with flowers, red wine and coloring books? (Carolina laughs and in her endearing Colombian accent says)

Red wine may just do the trick!

Caleb Lummer