Employee Spotlight, Audrey Sherrill


She may not wear a cape, but perhaps she should! Meet Superwoman Audrey Sherrill, Impak’s Director of Operations, Process & Analytics.

Honing her powers of problem solving, project management and organization, Audrey tackles difficult tasks every day. Her experience in marketing, design, and team collaboration have set her up with the perfect formula for success. Throw her a curve ball and watch her tuck and roll. She’s adaptive and diplomatic.

From studying Fashion Design at the University of North Texas to navigating a large corporate environment like Michael’s to helping build Impak’s ever expanding project management team, Audrey has built a wealth of experience and makes the tough stuff look easy with her can-do attitude. Check out our Q & A session below:

Tell us about your position with Impak and what you do on a daily basis.

Director of Operations, Process and Analytics.  My role is to find ways to make us a more profitable, productive and an all-around powerhouse team!

The Impak team has doubled in size since I started and continues to grow. With that growth comes new opportunities and I'm excited to be part of driving change within the organization.  Days consist of problem solving, revisiting conversations and ideas, prospecting talent and adding to the library of tools available to our team.

If others could describe you, what adjectives would they use?

Authentic. Fair. Focused.

Where are you from originally? Give us some backstory!

Texas! From playing on swings at Bachman Lake, to the ‘burbs’ for grade school, to Denton during college, Texas has, and will continue to be, HOME.

Name one thing from your bucket list that you have yet to do.

Visit the Grand Canyon.

Favorite place you've ever been?

Florence, Italy, and hope to go back some day.

Best thing about working with Impak?

The best part about working at Impak is the team!  It’s an incredibly talented group of driven individuals.  

Most challenging thing about working with Impak?
Many of the challenges we currently face are consistent with the rest of the industry; changes in regulation, global competition and support for a wide range of portfolio needs.

Who inspires you most?

My husband. Big or small, there’s not been a challenge he couldn’t overcome.

During your days off, what will we find you doing?

I enjoy skating, painting and keeping things looking fresh at home.  Christmas is always a big switch-a-roo at our house. Artwork, throws, and pillows get swapped out, along with a few furniture shifts. This was the first year we busted out the tree prior to Thanksgiving ~ hubster’s idea.

That’s sounds like fun! What do you look forward to in 2019? At work and at home?

We’re gearing up for some renovation at home in 2019 and I’d say there will be a similar trend going on at work.  We’re putting a fresh coat of paint on things (metaphorically and figuratively speaking) at the office too!

Favorite genre of music?

That’s hard. Let’s just say you could hear anything from Justin Timberlake to Brooks and Dunn to Lana Del Rey if you swiped my headphones from me. Diverse musical tastes!

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Speak another language.

What language and why?

Either Spanish or Mandarin – for business and general connectivity perks!  We can communicate through translation aps, body language and so forth, but nothing will ever replace being able to sit down and enjoy fluid conversation.  It’s becoming a lost art – speaking to one another.

If you have questions for Audrey – in any language! – be sure to reach out.

Office 855.544.6725 Email asherril@impakretail.com

Caleb Lummer