Client Spotlight: Tracksmith

‘Race Day is Sacred’

If you have participated in the Boston Marathon, you may have spotted the Tracksmith Trackhouse on Newbury Street just a few blocks from the finish line. Not sure? Just look for their hare logo ‘Eliot’ proudly displayed on the bottom entrance door.


Runners from all walks of life feel right at home in Tracksmith’s apparel shop where unique, high quality apparel, accessories, and training gear celebrate the spirit of runners who push personal limits and brave crazy weather conditions. Running magazine called the Trackhouse “the dream runner’s hangout.” Since launching in 2014, things have moved rapidly for this independent running brand that “aims to celebrate, support and add to running’s distinct culture.” To uphold that vision, the Tracksmith team scours the globe in search of materials perfect for every occasion— whether it’s for racing, training or recovery purposes. Though their team is small— made up of only 13— these fellow athletes make their mark one race at a time celebrating “the Amateur Spirit upon which the sport was founded.”

Tracksmith operates on a “ direct-to-consumer model,” and can further utilize the materials and resources that other wholesale focused brands cannot. The end result presents runners with merchandise that perfectly aligns with their specific needs. “We make premium running apparel for training, racing and rest days. Our mission is to celebrate the competitive spirit that all runners share.”

-Lee Glandorf, Head of Communications

Tracksmith Creative Director and avid runner, Rafa Oliveira, is all about the ‘hands-on approach’ and can personally vouch for the effective running wear that he not only helps design but takes out for a test run – literally!

“Being so involved with the running community and seeing the product come to life and actually being able to put it through its paces is a great satisfaction,” Rafa explained. “I get to enjoy the process on both sides of the spectrum as a part of the team who comes up with an idea, executes it and then puts it to use.”

When not running marathons, Rafa works on the designs and packaging for Tracksmith and draws his inspiration from “the story of the sport and New England aesthetic.” “We put a lot of effort in what we do and we wanted that to come through in the best way possible.”

-Rafa Oliveira, Creative Director

Rafa worked with the Impak team on the Hare A.C. project. Hare A.C. is a Tracksmith club for runners. Learn more about about Hare A.C. and other Tracksmith developments in the Q&A with Rafa below:

Hello Tracksmith and Happy New Year!! Any new resolutions for the company?

We have just launched our fifth annual “No Days Off” collection, which is a call to action to recommit to running in the New Year. For us this means committing to consistency: doing one thing every day to improve as a runner. Some days that’s a workout, some days that’s rest, but it’s all about embracing the process. Hare A.C. is a unique opportunity for runners to join a ‘club, crew, and team agnostic’.

What is this Team Kit new members will receive upon joining?

We consider ourselves to be runners and storytellers. The box set is our first opportunity to interact with a new member, so we wanted to really bring the team element to life in a way that felt memorable and noteworthy. The box contains the welcome kit, which includes the member’s team singlet, welcome letter, race bib, postcards and Hare A.C. brochure.

What goals did you have for that packaging?

The goal in developing the packaging for Hare A.C. is to tell the story of the team in a physical package. We hand pack our box sets from our headquarters in Boston, so the goal was to create something that would really stand out as a thoughtful welcome experience.

So, how can one become a Hare A.C. member?

Memberships are available for purchase at

If people would like to learn more about Tracksmith, where should they go and who should they talk to?

Our website and journal are the best places to learn about the brand online and read out stories. In Boston, visitors can come to the Trackhouse, our flagship store and office headquarters. We host runs three times a week from the Trackhouse, so it’s a great opportunity to see the brand in person and also partake in our sport.

Any upcoming events or new products you’re excited about?

Right now we’re focused on our ‘No Days Off Collection’ and then we’ll begin to transition to spring and marathon season. If you love running, or are interested in joining a team that does, become a Hare A.C. member! You can also join the Tracksmith newsletter, read their journal, or check in on upcoming events here: Tracksmith would love to hear from you or, as they say, ‘run with you.’ If you’re willing to go the extra mile, Tracksmith is the perfect place to start. “Just keep on running. Some days it’s hard, some days it’s harder but in the end the reward is always worthwhile.”

-Rafa Oliveira, Creative Director

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