Client Spotlight: Mi Golondrina


Client Spotlight: Mi Golondrina

CEO and Founder of Mi Golondrina, Cristina Lynch was living in New York City when she noticed the lack of Mexican inspired textile and clothing brands. Having grown up in Texas and frequently traveling to Mexico, Lynch was familiar with Mexican artisans' beautiful designs and culture. Cristina reached out to her mentor, Jason Needleman, CEO of Peacock Alley, to share her idea to create a brand that highlighted the beauty of Mexican artisan work.  He graciously hosted the Mi Golondrina launch party and Peacock Alley worked with Cristina to produce the initial collection of hand-embroidered decorative pillows.  To compliment the pillows, Lynch took 50 hand-embroidered dresses to the launch party and they completely sold out that night.  She knew she was on to something. 



Although the brand was created in 2013 and is relatively new, the inspiration is old. Mi Golondrina embraces a 200-year-old style of colorful hand-embroidery. Lynch explains, “Having grown up surrounded by Mexican-made pieces, I started thinking about how to elevate Mexico’s platform in the fashion world.”

Before launching the company, Lynch spent a lot of time researching and meeting with artisans in Mexico to learn the cultural significance behind the traditional pieces. “I wanted to understand the right way to produce each piece so it can be worn for a lifetime.” 

Her hard work paid off as Lynch was just honored by being named in D Magazine's top 10 stylish people of Dallas. Impak was fortunate to work on Mi Golandrina's custom packaging assortment and we loved connecting with Lynch about her successful brand. 


What is the goal of your brand?

To support artisans in Mexico and highlight the beautiful traditions they represent.


What was the inspiration for your name/logo?

Golondrina translates to "Songbird" in Spanish.  Growing up, I would visit my mother's ranch in Torreon.  There were always lots of Golondrinas on the ranch so the name Mi Golondrina or "my songbird" brings back fond memories of those special times with my family. I love to think about Mi Golondrina, or ‘My Songbird,’ flying all over the world delivering beautiful dresses from different parts of Mexico.”

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Is there a feel you want to capture when people walk into your store or wear your clothes?  

We want women to feel beautiful and romantic in the Mi Golondrina they wear. And we want every customer to have an amazing experience in our Dallas showroom.  My mother designed the showroom-workshop space and chose all of the beautiful art.  It includes some pieces from acclaimed Mexican artists as well as some of my high-school art :)


Any unique product features that you want to share?

Our traditional Flores style piece incorporates the century-old tradition of hand embroidery.  Each piece takes over a month to make by the talented women of Oaxaca.  First the fabric is cut, then floral stamps are placed on the fabric, the women embroider the pattern of the stamp, the women add the front pleating detail, the pieces are sewn together and adding the crochet around the neck is the final step.  Also, each piece is washed and checked in Mexico.  Once we receive these pieces here in our showroom, we size them and add finishing details.  

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Are there current or upcoming products that you’re excited about?

We are so excited to introduce a collection of blouses from Chiapas. They are all hand embroidered and hand stitched by women in Chiapas.

We're going to have some great products for holiday 2017.  We'll be selling sets of three beautiful aluminum plate painted ornaments, embroidered cocktail napkins and embroidered dinner napkins in holiday colors.


What was your brand's packaging inspiration?  

We wanted to create a packaging experience that wasn't wasteful but luxe and special.  For example, for the products that are purchased online, we include a cloth drawstring bag the customer can re-use.  In addition, every order gets a handwritten note.  We use simple white and a periwinkle blue for all of our branding.

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What makes Mi Golondrina different from other brands?

We pride ourselves on our customer experience.  We want everyone who shops with Mi Golondrina to want to tell her friends about how she had the most wonderful experience.  We also have a beautiful and unique product line - bringing century old Mexican artisan traditions to the modern woman's wardrobe.

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You can check out Mi Golondrina’s colorful traditional line of home accessories, women and children’s clothing at

Caleb Lummer