Client Showcase - Evelyn & Bobbie

When it comes to packaging, Impak strives to find the perfect fit for the companies that
offer the perfect fit. Evelyn and Bobbie is a Portland, Oregon-based company that kicked off with a Kickstarter campaign in late 2016.

Founder Bree McKeen, frustrated by decades of discomfort and disappointment in bra
selections, set out to design a smart, functional, groundbreaking bra. According to Forbes,
the lingerie market is a $13 billion industry that has, until recently, been dominated by
men. But who better to create a new bra design than an all female team of designers?
A team of technical designers, marketing experts and a veteran of the bra industry
Stephanie Muhlenfeld, helped bring the Everyday Bustier to life. The underwire bra design
hadn’t changed much since the 1930’s, so Evelyn and Bobbie used data-driven design to
create a modern comfortable bra that is a “thoughtful ergonomic design” and doesn’t follow
the almost 100-year-old underwire model. The team really paid attention to all sizes and
shapes and how the body changes. They developed and engineered the bra to mimic those
shapes using a 360 hold rather than a compression hold. The result a more comfortable fit
that stays put!


The EB designers also realized that traditional sizing was outdated, so they did away with
standard sizing and instead developed an algorithm so women could easily find their size
based on their exact body type. To personalize even further, they rolled out the Everyday
Bustier line in a number of different hues to match customer’s skin tone. They’ve recently
added a lace version too.

As they explain it, “Our unique EB Match™ system uses 3D intelligence: millions of data
points gathered from real bodies. Our algorithm is continually improving in order to provide
your best fit.”

Bree McKeen named the company after her aunt and grandmother, “I named my company
after my two matriarchs: two real women who represent the union of Beauty and Purpose.
Evelyn symbolizes grace and poise, and Bobbie symbolizes creativity and hard work. At
Evelyn & Bobbie we are committed to creating beautiful, purposeful products that make
your life better"


Evelyn and Bobbie is an inspiring brand because it was willing to break sizing barriers and
not conform to traditional industry norms. Although it does adhere to foolproof company
foundation principles: Stick to what you know. Do one thing and do it well. Make sure your
product serves a purpose. The easiest things to sell are when you are also part of your
target market.

Evelyn and Bobbie launched the ‘Everyday Bustier’ in late 2017, they have added “knickers”
to match their bras. We look forward to seeing the latest innovations and newest products
in the years to come.

Caleb Lummer