BOND Gifts: Creating a Personal Customer Experience


Bond Boxes and Custom NotesThe founders of BOND started with a simple premise: the art of writing a personal, handwritten note. But in today’s fast-paced world, often there’s no time to sit down to craft a note that is perfectly scripted. That’s where founders Sonny Caberwal and Andy Ellwood saw an opportunity to bring the traditional back to our digital world. Their one goal is “to brighten people’s day by connecting with them in a simple yet powerful way.” BOND gifts makes it easy to send personal handwritten notes and unique gifts with a simple click, straight from their computer or phone.

We wanted to help BOND create a luxury packaging experience for their customer, one which helped add a personal touch to their gifts. We started by looking at their signature - the art of personal communication. We worked with BOND’s in-house creative team to develop the construction of the packaging, materials, and colors, which allowed us to fully capture the culture of BOND. Featuring custom blue embossed paper and three different styles of boxes, we added a coverboard die-cut topper where the hand-written note could be easily attached. BOND wanted to tie the design of the boxes back to traditional personal communication, so we mimicked the look of a wax seal by using a combination of an emboss and matte gold foilstamp.

Impak-Product-GiftBoxes Bond Boxes Custom Foilstamp EmbossedNow, when a customer sends a gift to a loved one, their initial delight is in seeing the luxe package that encases their gift, ensuring a customer experience that is consistent from beginning to end. In a digital world, we can still bring people joy and delight through simple customization. And as Sonny Caberwal reminds us, “True happiness comes from making others happy.”

BoxesKent Greenwall