Boardwalk Ferrari: Going the Extra Mile

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Few experiences in life can compare to the thrill of purchasing your dream carespecially if that vehicle is a Ferrari.

That landmark moment of ownership doesnt come with the dealership handing over the car, though; it happens when they hand over the keys, manual, and various ownership documents. The big moment, therefore, often involves the dealer handing over a stack of loose items, perhaps sealed inside a clear plastic bag.

Though Ziploc might be fine for a company selling economy cars, its an entirely different matter when dealing with brand-new Ferraris.


Thats why Boardwalk Ferrari of Plano, Texas, contacted us at Impak. The Boardwalk Ferrari team is known for providing an exceptional customer experience, going above and beyond what’s expected by even the most discriminating of drivers. But when it came to that initial transfer of ownership, they didnt have anything to match the high standards of their company and brand.

We were looking for a more upscale option for packaging some of the extra components that accompany each new Ferrari that we deliver,explains Brian Benjamin, Boardwalk Ferrari Sales Manager.

The solution was to create a luxurious custom pouch to hold all the necessary documents. But it took some work, and a lot of samples and mock-ups, to make sure everything was perfect.

It was important to Boardwalk that the pouches incorporate Ferraris brand colors: rosso corsa, or the racing redused by Italian racers; canary yellow, which represents Enzo Ferraris hometown of Modena; and the black, prancing stallion of the Ferrari logo.

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After considering many options, it was decided to make the pouches out of suede. Suede wears well and stands up over time, which is important for a pouch that may be kept with the car for many years. The material also has a luxurious, soft feel reminiscent of the high-quality leather used in Ferrari interiors. We were able to match the racing red color with a suede that was already in stock, saving Boardwalk the cost of custom-dyeing material.

Hand-stitching was done in black, along with the logo. Instead of just printing the trademark stallion, it was embroidered in black thread, showing the quality and attention to detail that Boardwalk Ferrari is known for. For the drawstrings, we used a yellow cord rattail, which has a soft, smooth feel and a golden sheen.

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The end result is an elegant pouch which perfectly complements the Boardwalk Ferrari brand and is so durable and attractive that customers can reuse them in many different ways.

In addition to the versatility of being able to repurpose the bags that we were able to customize through Impak, we also love the quality, look, and fit-and-finish. They really were the perfect choice for us.- Brian Benjamin, Boardwalk Ferrari Sales Manager

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