Behind the Brand : Tenoversix

We love hearing the story behind the brands we work with, so we interviewed the design team at Ro & Co. They were responsible for the concept of the Ten Over Six bag that Impak produced. They shared some insights on the story behind the brand. 

What is the vision for the Ten Over Six brand in terms of design for entire brand?

TenOverSix is a beloved boutique with locations in Dallas and Los Angeles. The TenOverSix shopping bag redesign was part of an exciting brand and packaging refresh we began in 2015. It is always such a treat to collaborate with Clients who have such a rich world of inspiration. In this case, our concept plays off the brand’s roots in the west coast and southwest through the collision of natural and artificial light. Drawing from the sunbathed skies and night glow of Los Angeles, we refreshed the existing brand palette with a subtle haze, heightening the spectrum of color for an overall radiant refinement. 

What is your favorite part about this bag?

Every panel is a carefully and artfully crafted collision of color representative of the landscapes from which we take inspiration -  the yellows and blues of the California sun and sky, the green by the agave plants of the desert, the pink from the neon LA night lights. Through a careful, lengthy collaboration with Impak, we were able to achieve a really artful and custom manifestation of the inspiration. 

What inspires you?

We are always looking to strike a balance - a balance of old and new, masculine and feminine, soft and hard. Our Clients are forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and we look to their inspirations as well as the things that are most interesting to us (culture, art, nature, past and present) to create fresh juxtapositions and perspectives. 

To me, this bag already looks like a nice gift bag, was that the plan? Is Tenoversix shopping like a gift to yourself? (or to others?)



What trends are you embracing for 2017?

In fashion and art, we are seeing a shift away from minimalism into an embracing of color, exuberance - and boldness. We’re all for it. 

At Impak, we look forward to bold changes and welcome collaboration. If you’re interested in exploring new possibilities, or perhaps being featured in the next Behind the Brand segment, reach out to us at 855.544.6725 or

Caleb Lummer