fabric and cosmetic Bags


The durability, look, and feel of fabric makes it a versatile addition to any packaging program.  Few things convey value like wrapping your products in a soft pouch, while reusable shopping bags made from fabric give you repeated brand impressions while also protecting the environment.

At Impak, we can produce any fabric bag that fits within your brand. From tiny cosmetic bags given out as gifts with purchase to full-size garment covers, we have you covered.



Whether designed as reusable grocery bags, swag bags for conventions and conferences, or utilitarian satchels, fabric totes are valued for their usefulness and for their ability to advertise your brand over both the short and long term.

Made from natural cotton, jute, or linen in a variety of weaves and gauges, our tote bags can be dyed any color or printed with either spot or full-color logos. The totes can be custom-designed with special handles, pockets, or zippers.

With custom cosmetic bags from Impak, the package itself is the highlight. Cosmetic bags can be made a variety of fabric options or combination of materials. Logo treatments range from screenprint to embroidery to custom woven labels. Build in multiple pockets or compartments, attach custom zipper pulls or closures, the sky is the limit!

A simple pouch can have a broad number of uses, and add a sense of class and value to anything you put inside it. Whether it is used for high-end jewelry, as a clothing or shoe cover, or as a way to deliver the keys to someone’s dream car, a custom pouch is sure to make a positive impression on your customers.


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Garment Bags


A custom suit or designer dress deserves a carrying bag to match. With a branded garment bag from Impak, you can make sure your clothes are as well-dressed as your customers.

Impak can create custom garment bags that are the perfect fit for any look. Besides being useful for protecting the clothes inside, the right garment bag can reinforce the value of the purchase in the customer’s eyes. A reusable, branded garment bag is a fantastic marketing piece for any packaging program.

Garment bags can be designed with a variety of special details: custom zipper pulls, custom stitching, business card windows, handles, and embroidery.


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Minimum Order Quantity: 3,000 per size