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Frustrated by decades of discomfort, and puzzled by the lack of innovation in intimate apparel, Bree McKeen founded Evelyn & Bobbie to design a smart, functional, groundbreaking bra. Supported by a team of engineers, designers and problem solvers, the woman-led team in Portland, Oregon, launched the Everyday Bustier in late 2017. 

“Boobs don't belong in wire cages" is their motto, so we knew we had an exciting opportunity to think outside the cage.

McKeen was seeking an extraordinary and memorable product unveiling - something truly different from the growing number of web-based intimate apparel companies. The Impak Design Team was honored to bring her packaging vision to life.

"At Evelyn & Bobbie we are committed to creating beautiful, purposeful products that make your life better."

- Bree McKeen, Founder & CEO


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Project Details

Our client's main goals were:
•  Develop a fully coordinated program with high end materials that could be easily assembled in e-commerce fulfillment center.
•  Utilize as many materials as possible that could be reused.
•  Create a layered unveiling with a variety of materials for “wow” customer experience.

Starting out, the client indicated a desire for a rigid gift box with insert and an outer shipper. Beyond that, we were offered creative latitude to recommend packaging components that rounded out the full experience. Initially the gift box was to include an insert holding the bra in shape. However, the insert was ultimately dropped as an unncessary and wasteful component allowing more budget for trim details like the large copper grommet prominently seen as you open the outer shipper. Copper detailing shows up throughout the program with a thick copper pin (think money clip) that holds the gathered back bra strap in place. A copper-tipped custom navy tape measuring tape is sent out with fit kits, and subtle copper foil accents show up throughout in the navy, kraft and white print collateral.

Our biggest challenge from a design standpoint was material selection.
• GIFT BOXES: A specialty paper was the initially considered but we were able to develop a more affordable custom beater-dyed paper with texture to wrap the box exterior. The client got a durable, scuff resistant finish - both luxe and affordable. Win win!
• WASH BAG AND TRAVEL POUCH: Many swatches were evaluated in the search for the right color tone and soft hand feel desired for the mesh wash bag and drawstring travel pouch.
• TAPE MEASURES: Who knew it would be so difficult to create a custom navy tape measure? Black, white, light blue and yellow can be developed easy enough. But when the client insists on dark navy with white lettering - oh, and copper tips - this proved to be a real challenge. The persistence paid off. The tape measure is an important component in the brand experience- a first impression piece.



We believe the Evelyn & Bobbie packaging experience is truly exceptional. The pictures of the unveiling speak for themselves. A great deal of thought and coordination between the two teams went into this program.

After a successful launch, Evelyn & Bobbie continues to develop new products. “Knickers” are the latest evolution and we are happy to provide their soft touch panty pouches. As long as they keep developing beautiful and purposeful new products, we look forward supporting the packaging goals of this truly inspiring and innovative brand.

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Manufacture & Project Management: Impak Retail Packaging
Head of Client Management: Alison Anderson
Creative Director : Carolina Gleason
Photographer: Caleb Lummer