Push the envelope with specially-designed paper, poly, or bubble mailers. With our custom-printed, mail-safe packaging, your shipments can arrive in style and show off your brand's true value and personality. Branded mailers can set you apart from the competition, and show that you value your products as much as you would like your customers to.



You can do so much more with your envelopes than just sticking on labels and stamps. With our custom paper mailers, you can make packages that are uniquely yours.

Our custom paper mailers come in several different sizes, and can be printed with either spot or process color to carry your brand’s message right to the customer’s door. Envelopes can be printed with your brand colors or have a full-color image and logo to let everyone know it is something special from your company. When used for marketing outreach, the custom design will make your mailer stand out from the crowd.

For more details and pricing information, connect with us to get a quote.



For the ultimate in flexibility, custom poly mailers allow you to have the perfect size package printed to reinforce your brand.

Our poly mailers are fully customized to your specifications. You can have them branded with your logo or printed with a message to the recipients. They can be any color, or printed with a full-color pattern. Our design team can work with you to create exactly what you need.

Impak’s eco-friendly line of poly mailers includes Rock MailersTM, which are landfill-degradable and made with up to 30% limestone. These mailers meet the ASTM 5511 protocol for anaerobic degradation.



Mailers lined with bubble wrap have long been the standard for shipping fragile items. However, there is no reason you should be limited to plain manila.

We can custom-make bubble mailers in different sizes, to better fit and protect the valuables you are shipping. Even more valuable, though, is the ability to print the exterior with any messaging you want. Bubble mailers can be branded to make them instantly recognizable, or printed with a custom message or design to give a look and feel that is uniquely you.