Shopping bags

Much thought and attention to detail goes into creating your retail shopping experience, from the quality and price of the offerings to the way they are displayed. But what about after the purchase?

A brand’s shopping bags can either reinforce and enhance the value of a purchase or call that value into question. They are a very visible part of a company’s image, and can be just as important to your branding efforts as your signage or advertising.

That’s why we don’t carry stock bags; everything we make is completely customized and unique to your brand. Our high-quality shopping bags allow you to portray the image you want, and keep your customers coming back for more.


paper shopping bags

What do your retail shopping bags say about you?

At Impak, we help your brand tell the right story from start to finish.  As walking billboards hanging from your customers’ arms, paper shopping bags are often the first impression people have of a brand. Let our in-house design team create your ideal shopping bag and help your brand stand out from the crowd.


Our luxury bags can be made in any size, with a wide variety of paper types, paper weights, and handle options.  From full-color printing to foil stamping, UV coating, and custom finishing touches, the sky really is the limit. If you can dream it, we can create it.


Environmentally-friendly kraft paper provides another cost-effective option for custom shopping bags.  Both natural and white kraft are available with post-consumer recycled material.

All of our paper bags are custom made to your specifications.


Poly Shopping Bags

Polyethylene shopping bags provide the unique look you want at a cost-effective price. With a variety of material types, thicknesses, and handle options available, Impak offers eco-friendly poly blends that can becompostable or landfill-degradable.

Impak’s eco-friendly line of poly bags includes Rock Bags, which are landfill-degradable and made with up to 30% limestone. These bags meet the ASTM 5511 protocol for anaerobic degradation. In addition, Impak offers bags made with BPI-certified compostable materials. These bags are made with ASDM 6400 compliant bio-based materials that are broken down by microorganisms and can successfully degrade in your compost pile.

All of our poly bags are customized to fit your brand; you won’t find any generic, low-value stock bags here.

To learn more about poly shopping bags, connect with us to get a quote.

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