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a unique opportunity to tell a story.


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At Impak, we specialize in developing thoughtful and well executed packaging programs. It's our philosophy that often the best packaging is simple, not overly complicated or contrived. 

We aim to make the packaging design and manufacturing experience inspiring, not overwhelming. We take pride in our spirit of innovation and can do approach to projects. For us, packaging is a passion.







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Employee Spotlight

When considering a project manager's skill set, you probably think of someone who is detail oriented, has good organization skills and is good with numbers. Impak Project Manager Brae Shaw is all of that plus a big dose of Martha Stewart creativity.


YES, we Cannabis!

The motto for Impak's cannabis division says it all: Yes We Cannabis! With now more than seven states legalized for recreational/medicinal use and more than 30,000 cannabis businesses around the country, the cannabis industry is weeding out how to tackle state regulations around "exit bags."

New Tariffs Bring Change

For the past several months, the impending trade war between the US and China has loomed. Political posturing has captured the attention of companies and consumers on both sides of the dispute.


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Chateau Ste. Michelle




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