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At Impak, we specialize in developing thoughtful and well executed packaging programs. It's our philosophy that often the best packaging is simple, not overly complicated or contrived. 

We aim to make the packaging design and manufacturing experience inspiring, not overwhelming. We take pride in our spirit of innovation and can do approach to projects. For us, packaging is a passion.







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Employee Spotlight

Impak is fortunate to have John Roberge as our Dallas based Plant Manger. As the Plant Manager, he knows first hand the volume and diversity of client products and needs. His fast paced job and huge responsibility hasn’t squelched his sense of humor. 


Let's Rap about wrapping

A box or wrapped package makes the person opening it feel like they are getting a gift, but more importantly, it makes the person purchasing the item feel like they are buying a gift. Packaging is crucial to change the status of an item from a product to a gift. 

client spotlight 

Things are looking up for Rachel Bentley and Carly Nance who founded The Citizenry. Uninspired by options from mass retailers, they decided to start a company. In 2014, Nance and Bentley launched The Citizenry, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They had been friends since their
freshman year in college so they knew that they would work well together. 


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